Todd Crowther, Head of Corporate Development & Collateral Services

Pirum has collaborated with BNY Mellon to bring to market ECPOConnect – a joint optimization service. The unique service offers a turnkey, comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing collateral to achieve better cost of funding, capital usage and liquidity.

In an recent article, The Exponential Growth of Collateral Optimization, BNY Mellon emphasizes the key capabilities required to deliver an optimization solution.

Alongside BNY Mellon, Pirum has worked in partnership with our clients to deliver an enterprise-wide approach, enabling firms to optimize their full collateralized portfolio across fixed income, equities and derivatives.

The foundation for supporting an enterprise-level solution, as the article points out, is our ability to provide a real-time data layer to consolidate firm-wide transactional, exposure, inventory and eligibility data to support efficient, intraday collateral management on cross-product basis.

By enabling clients to overlay trade and position ‘sources and uses’ data and their specific asset-liability cost drivers, we help support algo-driven solutions to solve for critical objectives like LCR, NSFR and RWA. This provides firms with the potential to drive substantial savings in terms of funding costs, capital usage and improved business performance.  

Finally, our clients leverage Pirum’s industry-wide connectivity and automation to streamline the efficient management of inventory to better mobilize and allocate collateral across various margin venues, including triparty, bilateral counterparts, custodians, CCPs and exchanges.

Be sure to delve into the full article to get the full story. For more information on our services, please visit our CollateralConnect page. To get personalized insights into how Pirum can elevate your business through our services, get in touch.