A single, integrated collateral solution

CollateralConnect (CCS) is an enterprise-wide, cross asset collateral management service which can be utilized across all types of collateralized transactions, including Stock Loan, Repo and Derivatives in order to effectively and efficiently manage a firm’s collateral requirements across multiple collateral venues. 



With a central, digitised store of collateral schedules, firms can use CollateralConnect to optimise their collateral usage and perform enhanced controls to independently check collateral venue allocations – important for MiFID and CASS requirements. Traders can use the analytics tools to manage their margin requirements and collateral efficiency on a pre- and post-trade basis, and our advanced optimisation capabilities to help manage balance sheet, risk and PnL goals

CollateralConnect eases optimisation by integrating with third-party platforms and external entities to consolidate data feeds. This lets you concentrate your resources on the optimisation function itself, accelerating and de-risking time to market. View deployed and available assets, as well as projected collateral requirements, all in real time. 

Supported by our extensive network of market infrastructure and client connectivity, the service supports bilateral and tri-party activity. It can also instruct real-world movements.


Our single solution covers everything

Key features include:

  • real-time visibility of multi-venue collateral sources and uses,
  • analytics, including historical analysis and forecasting,
  • storage, management and analysis of eligibility,
  • identification of inefficiencies,
  • better liquidity management of a firm’s risk/return profile,
    prudential compliance, and front-office supervision.
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