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Connecting, automating and streamlining processes and tasks across your business. 

What we offer

From regulations to collateral exposure, risk mitigation to securities lending — Pirum saves you time and money. We will minimise the need for your colleagues to manually intervene in processes such as collateral, billing, corporate actions and manufactured dividends, which will improve your bottom line

Front Office Services


CollateralConnect (CCS) gives you real-time visibility of collateral and inventory across multiple books and venues. This single view of collateral sources and uses supports intraday collateral management and multi-day projections to ensure the most efficient use of available collateral.

Trade Risk Manager

Trade Risk Manager (TRM) provides a centralised dashboard to monitor key risk indicators, Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) penalties, P&L write-offs, counterparty exposure, and regulatory reporting mismatches, all in real time.  TRM improves users’ P&L by automating processes, managing risk and breaks across their entire trading book.

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Pirum’s innovative designs and focus on customer service have led to multiple industry awards over the years, most recently winning the ISF 2020 Global Post Trade Service Provider of the Year award. Please reach out and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your business needs.

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