Recalls manager can automatically issue, accept and manage recalls based on configurable rule sets. ​
Recalls Manager

Recalls Manager works 24/7 providing automation both inside and outside of normal operating hours without manual intervention.​



Recalls Manager provides firms a platform to issue, receive and manage all recalls, with dashboards to easily see each recall's current status, the ability to query the recall between parties and automatic instruction of the returns to cover recalls using client configurable rules.


Our single solution covers everything


  • Visibility

Manage ALL Recalls centrally with intuitive dashboard and MIS

  • Regulation

Increase preparedness for T+1 market moves – initially the US and Canada in 2024

  • Automation

Increase operational efficiency and reduce email traffic

Reduce latency from issuance to receipt allowing more time to cover

  • Efficiency​ ​

Reduce fails, CSDR penalties and overdraft costs

Multiple hours saved per day across Trading & Operations

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Gearing up for T+1 and beyond image

Gearing up for T+1 and beyond

We have created a need-to-read paper for anyone looking to achieve T+1 compliance and thereby avoid the negative P&L impacts of failing to meet the shortened settlement timelines.

By gearing up with Pirum's real-time product suite today, your business can take a quantum leap into T+1 compliance and future-proofed post-trade services.


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