About us
Who we are

Pirum has created a set of award-winning, highly innovative and flexible services which are tailored to fully support the complexities of financial institutions around the world. 

Through easy integration with our services, our clients have increased processing efficiency, reduced operational risk and improved profitability by reducing manual processing.

Group 49

Pirum delivers an automation and connectivity hub with established near realtime links to a growing list of providers

Group 47
Risk management

Increased control as Pirum manages the calculation, reconciliation, and postings of key trade lifecycle events.

Group 48
Regulatory benefit

Demonstration to supervisory bodies that controls and processes are robust and transparent.

Group 50
Outstanding market reputation

Total flexibility for integration, ensuring you do not need to reconfigure your systems and output.


Our story

Pirum Systems was founded in June 2000 with the objective of providing advanced, centralised and secure reconciliation services for financial market participants. Pirum provides a secure processing hub which seamlessly links market participants together, allowing them to electronically process and verify key transaction details.

Our partners

Pirum partners with 70 of the most prestigious global financial institutions, which includes 85% of the Global systematically important banks (GSIBS). We have developed a strong network of partner service providers to allow our clients to leverage the Pirum connectivity hub to access this wider network.

Our leadership

Pirum has built a team with deep business and technology expertise to bring innovation
to the market.  Meet some of the leaders in our organisation that make Pirum what it is today.

Phil Morgan
Philip Morgan
Chief Executive Officer
Jatinder Soomal_CFO
Jat Soomal
Chief Financial Officer
Robert Frost_Global Head of Product/CPO
Robert Frost
Global Head of Product
JK jumper
Jacob Koopmans
Chief Revenue Officer
Alexander Rothwell_CTO
Alex Rothwell
Chief Technology Officer
Eva Luterkort_General Counsel & Compliance Officer
Eva Luterkort
General Counsel
Varsha Mistry
Varsha Mistry
People Director
Matthew Lyons
Matthew Lyons
Chief Information Security Officer
Duncan Carpenter_Director of Product Management
Duncan Carpenter
Director of Product Management
Markus Coleman
Markus Coleman
Director of Marketing
Todd Crowther_Head of Corporate Development and Collateral Services
Todd Crowther
Head of Corporate Development and Collateral Services
Jonathan Ford
Jonathan Ford
Head of Fixed Income Business Development
Matthew Lilien
Matthew Lilien
Head of Sales, Americas
Frank Seibold. Pirum Head of Commercial Development, Americas
Frank Seibold
Head of Commercial Development, Americas
Aaron Spittles_Head of Application Engineering
Aaron Spittles
Head of Application Engineering
Thomas Veneziano
Head of North America Product

Our Impact

Our people and technology connects the financial community. Our extensive network allows you to connect seamlessly and effectively with all your partners. With Pirum Systems, deep expertise, service and software combine to connect our community.