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Asset Servicing

Leveraging intelligent technologies to make your processes error free.

What we offer

Become one of the many financial institutions who are replacing error-prone manual work with friction-free automated connectivity. We can automate and streamline your dividend collection, interest payments, corporate actions, proxy voting, tax reclaims and valuations. Deploying Pirum’s technologies, assets will be structured for greater security, efficiency and visibility.


Asset Servicing Services

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Manually processing income claims and voluntary corporate actions can lead to costly mistakes. Pirum’s CoacsConnect service eliminates errors by centralising and automating the process end-to-end

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Post-Trade Services

Pirum’s award-winning Post Trade Services (PTS) offers front-to-back automation of the full trade and collateral life-cycle for securities finance transactions (SFT). Processing over 2 million contracts per day for more than 100 trading entities, worth in excess of US$3 trillion, Pirum is the trusted solution for the market.

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Pirum’s innovative designs and focus on customer service have led to multiple industry awards over the years, most recently winning the ISF 2020 Global Post Trade Service Provider of the Year award. Please reach out and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your business needs.