A centralised solution for managing income claims and voluntary corporate actions

Manually processing income claims and voluntary corporate actions can lead to costly mistakes. Pirum’s CoacsConnect service eliminates errors by centralising and automating the process end-to-end

process manufactured income


Lenders and borrowers can view all their upcoming and in-flight claims and corporate action events through a single user-interface. CoacsConnect automates the key operational processes where borrower and lender have a common view of all event details. This allows them to communicate across the event lifecycle to agree and confirm payments and elections in near real-time.

Through automation and with a full audit trail embedded in the platform, users benefit from reduced risk and cost, while improving operational control and oversight.

You can benefit from:

  • reducing the time for agreement and settlement of claims allowing lenders to get paid quicker and borrowers to avoid interest payments,
  • replacing manually intensive operational processes with a scalable, automated and standardised solution, eliminating the need for emails to go back and forth by connecting counterparties in a central UI,
  • improving post-trade workflows with greater transparency, and more straight-through processing (STP) and stringent controls to prevent missed events and aged payments,
  • connecting users with their counterparts to reconcile corporate actions in near real-time, monitor exceptions and expedite break remediation,
  • helping clients meet regulatory requirements.

Our single solution covers everything

Key features include:

  • automatic creation of claim notifications and distribution to all your counterparts,
  • enhanced STP workflow to monitor and track claims across their entire lifecycle,
  • automated reconciliation of claims,
  • comprehensive notifications, with 100% client coverage,
  • management information systems and reporting metrics for all outstanding risk,
  • improved oversight and risk management.
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