A comprehensive solution for derivatives initial margin instruction, exposure and collateral management

With the rollout of phases five and six of Basel III’s uncleared margin rules (UMR) framework, firms face a wave of initial margin (IM) lifecycle processing and collateral management challenges.  IMConnect manages that complexity by providing services to support exposure management, margin instruction, eligibility oversight and control as well as collateral management and optimisation. 



It offers you two-way, real-time connectivity with all tri-party agents and other collateral venues to instruct the pledge and receipt of initial margin.  

You can achieve a single, exception-based process to support margin and collateral management and benefit by mitigating risk, improving scalability and minimising costs and financial resource impacts from UMR.




IMConnect bundles our award-winning services so you can benefit from:

  • full end-to-end automation of IM receipts and pledges (part of the IM Instruct Service)
  • improved control and oversight through a single, real-time user interface (part of the IM Instruct Service)
  • efficiently match, reconcile and instruct RQVs or exposure to triparty and other collateral venues (part of the IM Instruct Service)
  • intraday monitoring of exposure and collateral coverage (part of CollateralConnect Service)
  • collateral schedule repository to store, query and maintain schedule eligibility rules and limits (part of CollateralConnect Service)
  • eligibility checking of received collateral to ensure that collateral coverage meets regulatory and internal risk requirements (part of CollateralConnect Service)
  • analytics to efficiently manage collateral inventory and margin exposures (part of CollateralConnect Service)
  • powerful algorithmic tools to intelligently mobilise and directly allocate collateral coverage (part of CollateralConnect Service)

Our single solution covers everything

Key features include:

  • A true exception-based processing platform with a single operating model 
  • The management of multiple collateral venues and counterparties via a consolidated user interface 
  • Total collateral process coverage for pledgors and pledgees, with full exception handling 
  • Real-time monitoring of all venues and collateral coverage, alerts of allegements, and reporting 
  • Comprehensive, intraday visibility of collateral sources and uses across multiple venues
  • Ability to control, comply and mitigate risk of insufficient exposure coverage or ineligible collateral margining 
  • Ability to identify inefficiencies and drive cost effective margin coverage 
  • Extensibility across other products including cleared and exchange traded derivatives, repo, and stock loans 
  • Improved liquidity management of a firm’s risk/return profile, prudential compliance, and front-office supervision
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