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13 Jun 2022

Pirum launches the Jim Malgieri summer internship program

In honour of the highly respected and much missed Jim Malgieri, Pirum has launched the inaugural “Jim Malgieri summer internship program” in conjunction with Seton Hall University (Jim’s alma mater).


This annual program will target rising seniors, with a focus on our diversity and inclusion agenda, from Seton Hall’s business school to join us for 10 weeks of work, training, and career development.


For the summer 2022, one student from Seton Hall’s Stillman School of Business, majoring in Finance and Technology, was chosen to intern in our New York office.

The idea was a collaboration between Pirum, Seton Hall and the Malgieri family.

It honours Jim’s devotion to mentoring, commitment to higher learning, and his work with Pirum as our former strategic advisor from 2018-2021.

Jim always looked for candidates who thought creatively, brought forth solutions to problems, and strived to be difference makers in the workplace and the communities in which they live. This aligns to the qualities and values inherent to Pirum.


Phil Morgan, CEO at Pirum: “Jim was a fantastic mentor and inspiration to me personally, and the whole team,  including me, will miss him greatly. In light of this and to honour his legacy, I am proud to launch this initiative and welcome Jennifer to the Pirum team.”


Bob Zekraus, COO and Head of Americas:We could not be prouder to support this initiative. Our vision, supported by Jim’s family, his alma mater and Joyce Strawser, Ph.D., Dean of the Stillman School of Business, brought this from concept to reality. We are thrilled this “tri-party” of partners were able to collaborate and honor Jim’s legacy. The work experience, on the job training, and networking opportunities afforded to our interns have an immense value on developing the next generation of talent and future leaders in finance, fintech and their communities. On behalf of Pirum, we welcome Jenn to our New York team while also remembering our dear friend and former colleague.


Malgieri family: “We were extremely excited when Pirum approached us with the idea of starting this internship program. It is even more special to us that Pirum chose a student from Jim’s alma mater, Seton Hall University. This internship epitomizes what Jim stood for: furthering higher education and giving back to his community. We would like to thank everyone involved with making this idea come to fruition. We are honored and Jim would have loved this!”


Joyce Strawser, Ph.D., Dean, Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall: “The Stillman School of Business is thrilled about the launch of the Pirum Summer Internship Program honoring our alum James Malgieri (‘82). We are proud to be a partner in this wonderful program, which unites two organizations in which Jim was truly invested. At Stillman, our primary goal is to develop principled business leaders – individuals who can lead and succeed without compromising their values. Jim was the perfect personification of this type of leader, and he was a fantastic role model for aspiring business professionals. We view the Pirum interns as a testament to Jim’s memory, and we will continue to carefully select candidates who will reflect his unwavering commitment to integrity, family, community, and faith.”


Jennifer Giron, Summer Intern:I am so honored and proud to be the first intern of the Pirum/Jim Malgieri summer internship program. I cannot wait to learn and put forth my skills this summer with such an amazing team. I would like to thank Joyce Strawser and Mark Schild from Seton Hall for extending this special opportunity to me. It is truly a privilege as I aspire to carry similar qualities as Jim Malgieri did throughout his life in my own future career.”