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03 Oct 2022

PIRUM expands Trade Risk Manager service

Pirum enhances their Trade Risk Manager (TRM) service to provide visibility of the collateral status at a transaction level.  Knowing the status of collateral prior to releasing an instruction to market is a key step in reducing counterparty risk and preventing fails and CSDR fines.  Pirum’s innovative ‘Loan Release’ service is now linked to TRM, adding to the extensive tool kit that TRM provides. 

TRM is used by Clients to understand the risk associated with their securities finance portfolios down to the transaction level,  ‘with real time visibility for upcoming settlement cut-offs’ to help minimise fails and prevent CSDR fines.  TRM now includes the collateral status of pending loans so both sides of the trade can see if the position has been collateralised and if the lender has not released their instructions to the relevant custodian / CSD as a result. 

This expansion leverages Pirum’s Loan Release service which provides valuable automation for lenders to release their market instructions on the back of the borrower collateralising the lender and provides extensive prioritisation tools and controls to ensure loans are released within market cut offs to increase settlement rates and market efficiency.  Borrowers can now see the impact of under collateralised trades on all their settlement activity and ensure that the correct collateral is in place and trades are prioritised for release, reducing fails, minimising CSDR fines and preventing risk. 


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