Pirum is thrilled to support and be sponsor of Functional Scala event 2021.

Functional Scala is a pioneering and accessible professional platform focused on Scala, with a schedule accessible to Western Europe and Eastern Americas.


Founded in 2019, Functional Scala captures a mix of experienced and new Scala developers in an inspiring and friendly environment that focuses on innovation & excellence.

The 2nd and 3rd December at the Royal Geographical Society, one of London's most prestigious conference and lecture venues, will take place this exceptional technical event with 500+ attendees and top speakers from the most vibrant Scala communities in the world.


Régis Kuckaertz, Technical Lead at Pirum, Thursday 2nd December at 10 am will present a talk about mechanical technique to write algorithms that adapt incrementally to changes in their input. “Incremental algorithms are a fairly recent addition to programming language research that have not received the attention they deserve, despite their obvious utility in big data and analytics. In this talk, I will introduce my Scala-based interpretation of A. Acar’s thesis ‘self-adjusting computations’.”


About Scala: “ Scala is a language marrying the strong mathematical foundations of functional programming with the practical modularity of the object-oriented paradigm.

As a fintech we decided to use Scala programming language because is designed to grow with the demands of its user and with its advanced type system and succinct syntax, Scala programs are shorter and more expressive with a smaller surface area for bugs.”


About functional Scala Régis Kuckaertz said: “I have attended Functional Scala since its inception in 2019, and have never been disappointed by the program, which is a good mix of expert-, intermediate- and beginner-level talks focused on the Scala language.”


Scala gives developers the opportunity to focus on what they want to do instead of how they want to do it, without leaving any performance gains on the table.