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IM Instruct
A single, comprehensive connection for initial margin instruction and management  

With the rollout of phases five and six of Basel III’s uncleared margin rules (UMR) framework, firms face a wave of initial margin (IM) call processing. IM Instruct manages that complexity, and provides eligibility oversight and control.


It offers you two-way, real-time connectivity with all tri-party agents to instruct the pledge and receipt of IM. You can achieve a single, exception-based process using standardised procedures to mitigate risk, and limit the resource impact from UMR. 

You can benefit from:

  • full end-to-end automation of IM receipts and pledges,
  • improved control and oversight through a single, real-time user interface,
  • eligibility checking of received collateral to ensure that it meets regulatory and risk requirements.


Our single solution covers everthing

Key features include:

  • A true exception-based processing platform with a single operating model.
  • The management of every venue and counterparty via a consolidated user interface.
  • Total collateral process coverage for pledgors and pledgees, with full exception handling.
  • Real-time monitoring of all venues and collateral coverage, alerts of allegements, and reporting.
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