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Bringing proven solutions to an evolving industry

Innovation driven by demand

Key benefits

“UMR is driving an increase in the volume of collateral instructions, the number of collateral venues and the desire for greater visibility and automation”

OTC Derivatives Benefits

Proven Solutions
Building on over a decade of collateral management automation, Pirum’s solutions are proven to deliver value time after time after time

Live Connectivity
Solutions that are directly plugged into the wider collateral eco-system and offer interoperability and live connectivity to triparty agents, custodians, data vendors, trading venues and market infrastructure Pirum manages the complexity of connectivity so that our clients don’t have to

Increased Clarity
Real-time data connectivity ensures Information is accurate and up to date giving unprecedented and unparalleled visibility to collateral sources and uses

Easier Regulatory Compliance
Increasing demands of compliance with regulation can be more easily met with minimal impact

Bottom Line Results
Greater efficiency, reduced costs, better risk mitigation and enhanced capital efficiency can be achieved to deliver results directly to your bottom line

Investment banks / Asset Managers / Pension Funds / Insurance Companies / Agent Lenders / Hedge Funds / Outsourcers


Pirum’s OTC Derivatives suite of products deliver new levels of automation and STP, streamlining manually intensive processes, helping with regulatory compliance and delivering never-before-seen levels of front office automation.

IM Instruct – Automates the instruction workflow of IM calculations into triparty agents and third-party custodians, increasing the capacity of your operations team and allowing collateral to be agreed earlier and processed STP. Far more than just messaging, IM Instruct delivers 360° automation and a fully exception based process.

CollateralConnect – Cutting edge tool to bring true enterprise-wide collateral management to the front office and offers cross product coverage of all collateralised products including OTC and listed derivatives, repo and securities lending. View collateral usage at every venue, test eligibility and optimise collateral usage for every product, along with pre- and post-trade  analytics to maximise the efficiency of your collateralised trades and inventory.

ExposureConnect – Post trade collateral automation and connectivity to save you time, improve counterparty relationships and increase capacity. See and manage your current and projected exposure workflows across all product lines at any time and automate communication with your counterparties.

How it works

Pirum consumes, consolidates and interprets data from a variety of sources putting the user in the driving seat and delivering business intelligence, freeing you to make informed decisions.


Pirum’s OTC Derivatives Services bring efficiency, increased capacity and clarity to our clients.

Building on over a decade of delivering collateral automation, Pirum is ideally placed to help the OTC Derivatives world to deal with the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that you face.

FeaturePirum Benefits
Eligibility testing of reg-IM

Automatically testing a collateral portfolio against minimum eligibility standards as mandated by regulators helps firms to achieve compliance

Automated posting of IM

360° automation of the IM instruction flow with Tri-Party Agents and Third-party Custodians. Reduces volume sensitivity, increases overall capacity and facilitates covering your exposure earlier in the day

Collateral Management

Attain and enterprise view of sources & uses of inventory, withing your firm and across your external margin venues. Visibility is the cornerstone of Pirum’s centralised, end-to-end platform aimed at collateral trading, operations, MIS and regulatory reporting

Exposure Management

Benefit from real-time connectivity to improve collaboration with your counterparties and offer extra value-add services to your clients