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Post-Trade Services
The independent, trusted solution for the Securities Finance market

Pirum’s award-winning Post Trade Services (PTS) offers front-to-back automation of the full trade and collateral life-cycle for securities finance transactions (SFT). Processing over 2 million contracts per day for more than 100 trading entities, worth in excess of US$3 trillion, Pirum is the trusted solution for the market.


Through a centralised hub, our network of clients process the entire post-trade lifecycle automatically. In addition to real-time trade reconciliation, PTS seamlessly connects to regulatory reporting platforms, trading platforms, SFT data vendors, all 4 tri-party agents and bilateral collateral venues.

Integration with Pirum’s PTS is straightforward and significantly reduces onboarding costs by allowing you to submit data in most digitised formats. Furthermore, if you already use any of our other services, you can seamlessly share your data between them, saving time and effort. 

Our PTS community, which includes the world’s most significant financial institutions, benefits from:

  • significantly reduced costs,
  • enhanced operational control,
  • improved, real-time oversight,
  • greater scalability through process automation.


Our single solution covers everything

Key features include:

  • Real-time ReconciliationComprehensive pre- and post-settlement trade reconciliation and exception management.
  • Billing Compare & DeliveryAutomatically highlights any differences, by transaction and day, in your monthly statements that might delay payment of fees and rebates.
  • Auto ReturnsAutomates calling in returns from borrower to lender, including booking them into the lender’s system, subject to meeting flexible rules-based criteria. 



  • Mark to MarketsAutomates agreement of mark-to-markets between borrower and lender, correctly collateralises trades, and calculates fee and rebate accruals using up-to-date market values.
  • ExposureConnectReal-time management of cash and non-cash collateral life-cycle and workflow, including margin calculation, tri-party required value (RQV) processing, instructions, and alerts to changes.
  • Loan ReleaseAutomatically releases new loans instructions for lenders after ensuring that they are fully collateralised, through links with tri-party agents.
Pirum Factsheets
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Pirum’s innovative designs and focus on customer service have led to multiple industry awards over the years, most recently winning the ISF 2020 Global Post Trade Service Provider of the Year award. Please reach out and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your business needs.

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