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Apr 7, 2016

Trade Date Transparency

Trade date transparency is the latest area where banks can save on their capital costs and as an added benefit increase their internal efficiencies. Trade date transparency is not an area that gets much attention; in fact, it is part of the generally amorphous idea of Big Data and can get lost in the weeds. When looking at reducing capital costs however, the details matter, and this is where transparency is most important.

At Pirum, we are delivering real-time services to our customers globally with demonstrated benefits to capital costs. Our view is that transparency doesn’t point fingers; it just shines light on opportunities for capital improvement. Our clients report tangible benefits from our real-time offerings including avoiding pre-pays, reductions in key staff dependencies for manual intervention, and reduced volume sensitivity.

For more on why trade date transparency matters, please read a new article from Pirum, “Trade Date Transparency = Capital Savings” now available on Securities Finance Monitor.