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Dec 12, 2016

SFTR: Getting Down to Business on the Details

Pirum’s COO Ben Challice discusses how Pirum will be able to facilitate customers compliance with SFTR Level Two requirements in a new article in Finadium this week. In the article, Ben mentions how Pirum will:

  • Work out the underlying principal level allocations to fulfil the reporting requirement.
  • Augment data submissions from firms with any SFTR-specific data fields they themselves cannot readily store on their internal systems.
  • Generate and report (UTIs) for all matched positions to both counterparties, for each firm to use in their final data feed back to their Trade Repository. Our contract compare platform is a logical first part of this process, since all trades are captured regardless of execution venue, re-allocations or corporate actions.
  • For firms utilizing our RQV and Exposure services, perform collateral to trade pool mapping.
  • Feedback SFTR tailored output to each firm utilizing the SFTR reporting service.
  • Submit SFTR output from Pirum directly to each firm’s selected Trade Repository.
  • Provide full SFTR process audit and KPI reporting, as well as analytics back to each firm utilizing the service.


To read the full article see FINADIUM, and to find out more contact us at