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May 3, 2019

Securities finance technology symposium 9th May 2019

As firms grapple with the challenges of new regulation, increasing costs and the desire for transparency and efficiency in their data handling, the need to integrate and connect with counterparts, venues and service providers in a seamless cost-efficient way is greater than ever. 

At Pirum we can help.

Pirum is pleased to be sponsoring this year’s SLT Symposium on the 9th May, with our SFTR partner IHS Markit. 

We’ll be represented on several panels and will have a stand at the event:

Duncan Carpenter, Pirum’s Head of SFTR, will be giving an overview of how firms are preparing for their SFTR implementation and how the Pirum & IHS Markit partnership is helping the industry meet the regulatory reporting obligations along with details of our on-boarding support and testing services

  • Todd Crowther, Pirum’s Head of Client Innovation, will talk about how firms are dealing with managing and optimising their collateral and the drivers for increased efficiency and how our Collateral Connect product can help

  • Rob Frost, Pirum’s Global Head of Product Development, will be providing an insight in to how firms are dealing with the challenges in managing their post trade activity across securities lending, repo and collateral and how this is evolving in conjunction with new technology and industry challenges

Come and join us to discuss how we can help with our SFTR solution, Collateral Connect and our extensive suite of post trade services – Core, Live and Live +.

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