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Jun 18, 2019

Full end-to-end SFTR reporting test with Rabobank and DTCC

Pirum and IHS Markit are pleased to announce that we have run a full end-to-end SFTR reporting test for Repo with Rabobank and DTCC.  Allowing firms to capture the relevant report event / action combination and send this for successful submission to the TR.

The testing included data ingestion, enrichment, validation, UTI creation, report creation and transformation with submission to the TR.

This is an important milestone in the development of the IHS Markit and Pirum Systems SFTR solution for the industry, allowing firms to seamlessly connect to its joint SFTR solution and process data through to submission to a registered trade repository (TR). 

Allan Bolk, Head of Securities Finance at Rabobank said: “This successful test result confirms we have made the right decision by entering in this partnership for the SFTR solution and we feel confident to be fully prepared for SFTR go live.”

SFTR Reporting with Rabobank and DTCC

With 48 firms committed to using the IHS Markit and Pirum Systems SFTR solution, they can now benefit from the connectivity through to TR submission to test the end-to-end services. 

This is part of a suite of options we have available for firms to test with us.  With over 50 people jointly working on SFTR between Pirum and IHS Markit, we are there to support our clients with testing, on-boarding and go-live in order to help them meet their SFTR reporting compliance requirements. 

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