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Global Leaders in Securities Finance Automation

Financial Institutions from around the world have responded to Pirum's creative approach by joining the secure on-line community. They have increased processing efficiency, reduced operational risk and improved profitability by using Pirum's services to reduce manual processing.

We deliver on what our clients need

We Listen
We Innovate
We Deliver

  • Pirum have a long history of working closely with their clients to deliver innovative solutions to everyday problems.
  • Our clients told us that their collateral processing was manual and involved entering numbers in to a variety of external vendor sites. Pirum listened and built their market leading exposure service calculating collateral requirements real-time and feeding them seamlessly to triparty vendors.
  • Our clients wanted to focus more on their pending settlements to mitigate the risk of buy-ins and fail costs. Pirum listened and enhanced their real-time pending comparison so that it focusses on settlement attributes, helping to identify where attention is required from operations. This enhancement was provided to all existing real-time clients for no additional charge.
  • Our clients mentioned the manual workload involved in sending out billing statements every month. Pirum listened and worked with the community to produce easy-to-read accurate billing statements which are downloadable from our secure website. We now provide this service to all of our clients completely free of charge.
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