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Jan 29, 2019

US Domestic Tri-Party Connectivity

Pirum extends North American offering with US Domestic Tri-party connectivity

Pirum has recently globalized it’s tri-party connectivity service.

By building on its existing real time connectivity to the 4 international tri-party agents (BNY Mellon, Clearstream, Euroclear & JP Morgan), Pirum is now able to assist clients in calculating and instructing collateral requirements (RQV) for US domestic tri-party.

The RQV service has accelerated dramatically over the last 2 years, with Pirum calculating more than $1.4 trillion of collateral requirements daily.

In addition to tri-party automation, Pirum’s ExposureConnect and CollateralConnect products offer institutions an enterprise wide collateral management solution, which enable clients to manage collateral in a global and centralized manner.

Pirum CEO Rajen Sheth said: “This is an exciting development for our North American product offering and an important addition to Pirum’s exposure and collateral management services. Adding US domestic tri-party connectivity was a high priority for our clients as the market evolves to support broader forms of collateral and I am pleased Pirum can support these developments.”