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Oct 25, 2019

In a SaaS of it’s own…

The SLT have published an Interesting article around the benefits of SaaS providers within securities financing on the use of SaaS in the industry. 

Rajen Sheth, CEO at Pirum Solutions observes “The benefits of running a SaaS platform are clear for our clients and the industry in general.  Pirum have delivered services via the SaaS model since our inception in 2000.  This approach has helped Pirum to assist the industry with automation in securities lending and repo for nearly 20 years by lowering the barriers to entry to engage with the platform.  Additionally, the on-going cost of ownership are greatly reduced as clients do not need to deploy any hardware infrastructure to benefit from the services.  This approach is freeing up our clients’ precious in-house technical and business resources to concentrate on growing their franchise, whilst we help them with streamlining their processes.  This is more relevant than ever with the introduction of SFTR and CSDR.  In addition, we help firms further by connecting them with their counterparties and other service providers through the SaaS model in order to drive additional efficiencies and optimise how they interact, manage and communicate externally.”

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