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Oct 18, 2019


Pirum and IHS Markit’s SFTR service provides a comprehensive end to end solution for all SFT products, with modules to support your chosen reporting path and requirements.  This includes;

  • – Data validation – Real-time, early view of data quality issues
  • – Data enrichment – Fills data gaps that you have
  • – UTI generation & sharing – Generate, ingest and distribute UTIs, even if the counterpart is not on the platform
  • – Agent Lender allocations – Near real time allocation information
  • – Event generation – Creates the correct report / event type
  • – ISO formatting – Transforms data into the required ISO standard
  • – TR submission management – Submission to the TR of your choice

In addition,

  • – Post trade automation – Prevents breaks and increases STP rates
  • – Workflow – Effective breaks management to reduce time spent on breaks resolution

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